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How to Make Your Rented Home Stylish…

Stepping onto the property ladder can seem like an impossible dream to most of us. As a result, renting has become routine, with millions of us are living in someone else’s property, with all the limitations that imposes.Tenants have to cope with decorative choices that aren’t theirs, as well as the landlord’s rules on what they can and cannot do to rooms. But, not being in your “forever home” needn’t be a nightmare – all that’s needed is a little creative thinking. Here, I show you how you can you transform your temporary dwelling into your home, without breaking the bank or your tenancy agreement:

“Our home should be a place where we can truly feel ourselves and show off out style and taste. “If you don’t love the space you come home to, life can feel miserable.”

2 in 1 – Display Artwork and Change the Lighting

Most landlords don’t allow you to hang pictures on the wall, but there is an easy solution. 3mm Command Strips from Staples can be used. These simple self adhesive strips don’t leave marks on the wall. However, although artwork and family photos on the wall can look great, why not do something more stylish? I love the large picture of Mick Jagger propped up in the corner or this bedroom. It’s a cover from Time Magazine which has been blown up on to canvas. Genius!

Old, tired and worn lampshades can also date a space and make it look drab. If you can’t upgrade overhead light fittings due to budget or technical issues (some may require an electrician), focus instead on growing your collection of stylish floor and table lamps. – The red, retro lampshade overhead provides a fabulous focal point in this room.

Add Wallpaper Panels

Not able to wallpaper your home? Get around the problem. Add wallpaper to plywood panels and lean them against walls. Not only is it a cheap way of adding colour and pattern to a room, but you can also change your colour scheme as often as you want, or use it to create zones – within a bedroom for rest, or in a study.

Storage Solutions

Clever storage solutions are a must in a rented space. Don’t invest in permanent storage. Instead use freestanding cupboards which can be used to hide-away all the day-to-day clutter. Modular storage is also great for rented properties, not only will it fit any size or shape room, it’s also easy to remove at the end of a tenancy. An open design will allow you to display all your prized possessions, giving your home even more personality. Modular storage such as cubes which can be also stacked or configured in different ways – as a TV bench, a workstation etc etc.

LEFT -An old crate that you can perch on a worktop or on top of your fridge creates lots of extra, useful storage. You can organise the space with extra cup hooks inside.

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Right: In this room a leather suitcase creates a a temporary DJ station, with space to store records inside. You making do with what you can get your hands on is all part of the fun.

Cover UP Old-Fashioned Tiles

Updating a rented kitchen or bathroom can be one of the trickiest jobs, but they can still be re-vamped. Unattractive bathroom and kitchen tiles can be covered up with gorgeous waterproof stickers, which can be removed when you leave. In an instant, you’ve added colour, pattern and style! Try these Tile Tattoos available from for £12.50

Work those Windows

This is another area where rented homes always seem to be sorely lacking. Whether it’s dirty old curtains or depressing vertical blinds, lacklustre window treatments just scream “temporary home”. Sort it out by hanging fresh curtains (even cheap no-hem IKEA ones can look great) or simple roller blinds. Ugly windows with an ugly view? Cover them up with window film. Simply sponge off with warm water when you’re ready to leave.

Buy Rugs & Add Cushions

Whether it’s cold laminate flooring or seen-better-days carpet you’re trying to cover up, a good area rug will cover a multitude of sins. Rugs bring color and texture into a space and they’re yours forever, so find some you really like. The colourful cushions also add interest to a leather sofa here.

Layered rugs and pops of vibrant colour create a stunning rented space…

A rented space, may not be forever, but in the meantime, it can be fabulous! 🙂