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The Story of Bee’s Knees – How we started our vintage and retro furniture business…

I’m a Celebrity! (well almost…)

Exciting news here at The Bees Knees Furniture! We ‘re delighted to be able to share our first piece of official publicity with you all today 🙂  Our local paper, the Swindon Advertiser visited us recently to interview us about how we started our fledgling furniture business two years ago during the recession, and how we’ve kept it growing against all the odds!

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Growing our Small Business…

Building a successful business is typically done by trial and error, with many hurdles along the way. And when it’s your first company, every day involves making mistakes and learning something new.

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We literally started by learning to master the shabby chic style of furniture. With a corner of our living room allocated as a workspace and newspapers spread out on the floor, the adventure began…  A whole dining set later, and we needed to know would people like what we’d produced? We decided to list it for sale on Ebay and see what happened… I remember watching the bids mount and my partner Andy buying me bubbly at the end of the auction to celebrate our first official sale 🙂

French Salon Chair in gorgeous Tole du Jour Fabric

Retro & Vintage Furniture – A Whole New Direction…

We grew the business slowly to avoid costly mistakes, and eventually ventured to our first Vintage and Retro Fair. The feedback we received about our pieces was amazing and we were suddenly part of a fabulous new community of people.Then came the exciting prospect of developing a website and mastering social media (gulp!) Learning about the era of retro furniture has taken us in a whole new direction.

Scandinavian Style

Despite the hurdles we’ve faced along the way, The Bee’s Knees is thriving and the future looks bright…